Which is the most powerful laser pointer?

Which laser is the most powerful? We’ll answer all of these questions and more in this article. This article isn’t meant to be a safety guide instead, it is a comparative of different lasers available. These powerful lasers are great for meetings, classrooms, and other occasions where the strongest beam is required. What’s the difference […]

How Does a Laser Pointer Function?

A laser pointer has an electronic circuit board within it that houses the circuitry required to operate it. The board contains the laser diode, the control circuitry, and a switch. The components are installed onto the board usually with adhesive, and soldered in the right place. The process of soldering means that a wire melts […]

Which laser is the most powerful?

For your next event You might be interested in the best laser pointer. What is the best one for your needs? Find out more here. There are three types of laser pointers you can choose from, each having their own advantages. Picking the right laser the right one for you is crucial for a successful […]

The THOR H Series Laserpointer Pros and Cons

When you’re looking to buy laser pointers and you’re looking for a good one, the THOR H Series Laser Pointer is a great option. It’s a fantastic choice for home and office users due to its smaller size and its flashing mode. This product is of high quality and is in its original packaging. The […]

Benefits of Cat Laser Pointer

A cat laser pointer is a fantastic way to give your feline friend mental stimulation. They are not very powerful and can mimic fast-moving prey. This kind of stimulation may not be enjoyable for dogs, as they quickly become bored of chasing the laser after only just a few minutes. Instead lasers for cats can […]

What is the Diameter of a Laser Beam?

The diameter of a laser beam is the distance between two points on the Gaussian distribution, whose intensities are at 1/e 2 times the highest value. However, not all lasers have the same beam diameter. Some lasers start with a coherent beam, then an injection-seeder is utilized to focus the laser’s energies in a narrower […]

Thor M2 Laser Pointer

The Thor M2 laser pointer is a simple-to-use rechargeable pen that can point to video or projected targets. Its small, lightweight design allows you to easily transport it around with you. It comes with five interchangeable tips as well as two rechargeable batteries, and the charging cable. The device includes a case for carrying. The […]